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We are members of The Czech Deco Team

Monday January 21st, 2013

We became founding members of the Association of Czech Deco Team.
If you are thinking about creating your interior, or even just a minor adjustment - painting, changing shading, replacing carpets. Do not hesitate to contact us. Nineteen major companies operating in the Czech Republic with more than 80 top architects, able to meet virtually any client throughout the country.
As the only association in Europe, we go beyond the exchange of experience, but we have built a sophisticated model of mutual participation in the implementation on the one hand between the members themselves Deco Czech Team and between partners. We have created the unique internet and mobile applications.
With our application, each employee member firms Deco Czech Team Inquire to another member, or seek the services of an architect for a client with whom the standard solving their business activities. Czech Deco Services Team are due to professional and interconnection of hundreds of members - employees, partners, and architketů is highly efficient and controlled.
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