Firmly on the ground


Design Roberto Battistutta 

Although the chair Wally at first sight very simple to impress in every area of strength. It was created with our furniture care professionals in clean curved lines and a combination of the best materials.

The main part of the chair Wally consists of a two-part shell made ​​of bent plywood. The upper part of the back, lower part of the uniform serves as legs. The basis of the shell is veneered body, which can choose either american walnut or oak. Both materials stand out for its quality and unique wood grains. The appeal of natural materials with smooth thanks to the original design and fine painting intensified even more. The result of skilled carpenters work is rounded to the touch and extremely fine shape chair Wally, where you will find your place and you ...

At the level of two joints of the shell is located upholstered seat. Comfortable, feathery session of polyurethane foam and surface material can be adjusted according to your choice. So that whole worked harmoniously not only itself, but also in tune with the rest of the interior.

Whatever happens Wally conference chair, or an addition to your home, its position will always representative. Elegant representative of modern design and natural elements will become an important part of the space. To his owners and visitors will speak softly, but it significantly.